RM702 Cascade Microphone
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RM702 Cascade Microphone

Rocawear RM702 Cascade Microphone is a USB microphone that supports POE Cascade, enabling a very flexible setting for the huddle and middle conference room. Since each RM702 is built with an inside mic array and supports blind beamforming, with the cascade array, they are specifically designed to pick the accurate human voices at a long distance and reduce the environmental noises automatically
Multi-level cascade
Plug and Play
Blind beamforming
Smart Audio
360° omnidirectional pickup
3m radius pickup
Long-distance Voice Pickup
High signal-to-noise ratio ring microphone array design enables long distance pickup, allowing the speaker to move around the room freely in a wider range,free from constraints.
Long-distance Voice Pickup
Intelligent Noise Reduction
Intelligent Noise Reduction
Adapts intelligent voice tracking, intelligent noise reduction, echo cancellation, automatic gain, de-reverberation and other advanced technologies. Full Duplex, Ultra-low latency.
General parameters
  • Microphone Type : Omnidirectional Microphone
  • Microphone Array : Built-in 6 high SNR microphones form a ring array, 360° omnidirectional pickup
  • Sensitivity : -38 dBFS
  • SNR : 65 dB(A)
  • Frequency response : 50Hz - 16kHz
  • Sampling Rate : 32K sampling, HD broadband audio
  • Pickup distance : 3 meters pickup
  • Noise suppression : Support
  • Gain control : Support
  • Echo cancellation : Support
Cascade function
  • Cascade Mode : POE network cable
  • Number of cascades : (It is planned to do level 6, which is subject to the final official release)
General Specifications
  • Power supply mode : POE cascade 48V power supply, support IEEE 802.3 at standard / USB 5V 500mA (single unit)
  • Support system : Windows / Mac / Linux
  • Installation : Desktop, ceiling
  • Size : Φ 170 mm * H 40 mm
  • Weight : 370 g
  • Certification : To be added later
Hardware interface
  • Network port : RJ45 network port
  • USB interface : USB audio interface (Type-C),UAC1.0 protocol, audio datacommunication, software upgrade and parameter configuration
  • Analog audio : AUX1, AUX2 linear audio input and output
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